Drag and Drop files to upload

Hey, it would be really neat if we could drag and drop files into explanations for bank transactions.
Use case:
I typically download and rename my invoices and receipts to suit my filing convention (date, company name, invoice number), so I already have a file explorer window open. Having to click the “upload” to open a file browser (which defaults to the last open place, not anywhere I’m currently working) means I have to hunt down the file I just saved and renamed.
A drag and drop uploader would save me from potentially uploading the wrong file by mistake, and makes the interface easier and more modern.

Hi Lexi,

Welcome to the forums, I see it’s your first time posting :smile: I really like that idea, it would certainly make it easier and faster to get the attachment or file you need! What I’ll do is write up a feature request for this, and then pass it on for consideration. Thanks for your suggestion! :smile: