Drag and Drop files to upload

Hey, it would be really neat if we could drag and drop files into explanations for bank transactions.
Use case:
I typically download and rename my invoices and receipts to suit my filing convention (date, company name, invoice number), so I already have a file explorer window open. Having to click the “upload” to open a file browser (which defaults to the last open place, not anywhere I’m currently working) means I have to hunt down the file I just saved and renamed.
A drag and drop uploader would save me from potentially uploading the wrong file by mistake, and makes the interface easier and more modern.

Hi Lexi,

Welcome to the forums, I see it’s your first time posting :smile: I really like that idea, it would certainly make it easier and faster to get the attachment or file you need! What I’ll do is write up a feature request for this, and then pass it on for consideration. Thanks for your suggestion! :smile:

Hello Catlikesbest@LexiBlack,

This is a fantastic suggestion! Introducing a drag and drop feature for uploading files directly into explanations for bank transactions would greatly enhance the user experience and streamline the workflow.

The proposed use case resonates with many users who already organize their files locally according to specific conventions. By enabling drag and drop functionality, users can seamlessly transfer files from their local file explorer window into the platform, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple directories to locate the desired file.

Not only does this feature increase efficiency by reducing the steps required to upload files, but it also minimizes the risk of accidentally selecting the wrong file during the upload process. Additionally, implementing drag and drop functionality aligns with modern interface standards, enhancing the overall usability of the platform.

Overall, integrating a drag and drop uploader would not only benefit individual users in terms of convenience but also contribute to the platform’s user-friendliness and accessibility. It’s a small but impactful enhancement that would undoubtedly be well-received by the user community.

Thank you for considering this valuable suggestion! We look forward to seeing how it can be implemented to further improve the platform’s functionality.

Best Regards,