Doubt about Profit and loss

Hi guys!!!

Well I was trying to create a report for my app about profit and loss and I did it, but after testing I have a doubt.

If I query my profit and loss from the last year and I don’t have any data the api is retunring the current year. that is ok?? Because I’m using other apis like freeanget and these are returning 0 for any section (Net income, gross income and others), and that is important for my app.

Also the only data that I can check from the web in only the current year, honestly I don’t know If I don’t have data from the last year that not appear like a parameter.

I hope someone can clarify this.



Hi Wilfredo,

The Profit & Loss API provides summary for the current accounting period only and any date parameters passed to the url are currently ignored.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to get previous year’s P&L report as of now. However, I have created a feature request card for the detailed report - Could you please add your vote to this card to record your interest?

I’m sorry, I couldn’t be of more help.

Kind regards,

Anup Narkhede

Hi Anup, thanks a lot for you response. I up voted yesterday for this issue I hope that you can work on this pretty fast because I need this feature for my project.