Does the send_email method include a PDF attachment?

Hi all

In an attempt to be able to send our own secure payment URLs using the API,
instead of having FreeAgent do so, I thought it might be possible to use
the send_email method. Does this method automatically attach the PDF
version of the invoice?

I was thinking that to accomplish the composition of our own customised
emailed invoiced notification, we’d have FreeAgent generate, but not email
the original invoice, then poll the API for new invoices and call the
send_email method with our own customised message body (including our own
payment URL). Would this send an email with our own email message, with the
corresponding PDF automatically attached? I’m hoping that this method
simply bypasses the email templates, but otherwise does the same thing.


Hi Dale,

Sorry that nobody got back to you about this! Yes, emailing an invoice via
the API attaches the PDF invoice to the email being sent, and will respect
the body, subject, sender and recipient handed to the endpoint.

Hope this helps,