DocuSign plug in to FreeAgent API


We are looking to integrate Dynamics 365 with DocuSign. We are hoping that we can plug DocuSign into Free Agent’s API.

Once we have a signed letter of engagement we want to achieve the following:

  1. Client details and accounts contact from LOE to set up a new client (what happens if client exists?)
  2. Project details from LOE to set up new project for new client
  3. Billing details from LOE to populate draft invoices in FA
  4. Details either from Docusign doc or from D365 to establish codes for timesheet entries on FA

Is this possible?

Hi Katie,
Welcome to our API forum! Thanks for raising this question, if I understand it correctly I think our API will be able to facilitate the goals which you are requiring.

  1. We have a Contacts endpoint which can be used to return filtered and unfiltered contacts from a FreeAgent account, as well as the ability to create a new Contact.

  2. Similarly our Projects endpoint can be used to create new projects within FreeAgent for an existing contact.

  3. The Invoice endpoint can then be used to create draft invoices for a given contact and project. The relevant contact for an invoice is a required field, whilst their project is optional.

  4. Finally, timeslips can be created for a given project via the Timeslips endpoint. For timeslips to be created there will also need to be a user record and a relevant task.

If you need information on setting up a test app for trialling out sample requests to our API, we have a Quick Start Guide which should help you do this.

Hope this helps! Kind regards,

Thanks for your reply Andrew. Is there anyway we can set up a call to discuss this further?

Hi Katie, I’m really sorry for the delay in responding to you. Unfortunately we do not generally offer to set up calls. For general information into how to setup an integration with FreeAgent I would suggest using our Developer Documentation. However, if you have any specific questions or issues regarding how to do this you are more than welcome to post any such topics on this forum.

Best wishes,