Disable guessing when uploading a statement via the API?

Hi there,
We are increasingly using the API to automate as much of our bookkeeping as we can. This (unfortunately!) includes a home-grown web scraper to fetch transactions from our bank here in the Netherlands after Yodlee dropped its support.

We also have our own explainer bot that matches transactions to invoices/bill we receive by email, so we don’t want FreeAgent to guess the transactions we upload.

Is there a way to disable this either through the user interface or in the upload statement API?



Hi Alex,

Ewa here from the Engineering Team at FreeAgent — thanks for your message on our forum. You should be able to disable Guess on statement uploads by editing the bank account in question via the API or the web UI.


Update the bank account you don’t want to have transaction guessed for by passing the following key-value pair:

"guess_enabled": false

Web UI:

Just navigate to the following screen and untick the Guess bank transactions option:


Source: https://support.freeagent.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115001793224-How-to-enable-Guess

I hope this helps!

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Hi Alex,

Shamelessly hijacking the thread…

If you ever get tired of maintaining your explainer bot, please bear DoubleAgent in mind :slight_smile:


Thanks Ewa! But I don’t see that option in the edit details for this particular account (Credit card, non-UK):

Hi Andrew :slight_smile: I definitely looked at Double Agent, and found it very clever! Explaining is only one part of our finance bot, though, it does a lot moreie that’s very specific to our case. And for the time being, I find it a delightful change to work on a piece of software that has only ONE user to satisfy :wink:

Hi Alexander,

It looks like we’re currently not showing the Guess tick box on card account edit form (I’ve flagged it to the relevant Product Team as it could be a useful addition), however my other suggestion – to update the setting via the API – should work for your account type:

Would you mind giving it a try and letting me know how it goes?

Best wishes,