Directors Salary - which option from dropdown?

Hi guys

Loving FreeAgent, but I cannot find where to put my Directors Salary.
I paid myself below certain thresholds, but Im not sure where to put this.

I thought it may be “Money Paid to User” then “Net Salary and Bonuses” but this is increasing my corporation tax account every time I do.
The other option I thought it may be is “Payment” then "Staff Costs then “Net Salary and Expenses”.
Can anyone help me with this?

Im loving the software but as Im aiming to calculate below certain thresholds, Im not sure what is done automatically, or what I will have to record. To note, all transactions were imported from linking to bank, not manually entered.

Hi there,

Thanks for your message, very pleased to hear you’re enjoying using FreeAgent! Based on the information you provided, it sounds like you’re looking for advise on how to record your Director’s Salary using FreeAgent’s web app (that is to say, using a browser), rather than by programatically sending a request via our API (which is the type of queries we deal with on this public forum). With that in mind, I’d recommend you speak to our Support Team by e-mailing as our lovely Support Accountants will be much better placed to provide you with advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

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Thats grand.

I will send it over now.

Thank you

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