Direct Debit in the API

If we create an invoice via API, and the user has an active GoCardless DD mandate:

  • How do I mark it for immediate collection?
  • How can I see that this user has actually got a DD mandate?

I’m afraid direct debits are not currently supported in this way. Sorry about that. We’ll discuss as a team to see whether it’s something we can put on the backlog.

This is disappointing as you’ve had DD facility in FreeAgent for quite some time and yet we would be forced to move away from it because now our invoices are being generated elsewhere and we can’t do automatic collection.

I’d be really interested to know the priority of this, if it were to be considered, so that I can also prioritise accordingly.

Okay, we’ve got the link set up between our new contracts platform and FreeAgent, we’re just missing the Direct Debit collection in the API now.

Our new financial year is in June and that’s when we’ll be looking at another accounting package if this isn’t implemented by then (not to put pressure on, but if your customers are leaving I think it’s important for you guys to know why).

I’ve added my vote to the Trello post:

Hello, is there any news on this? We’re drowning with the extra 10 mouse-clicks that each invoice is now costing us.