"Days late on average" via API?


On the web-platform, for some “contacts” we see an interesting field showing “days late on average” regarding the payment of invoices.

Example: Customer X is “6 days late on average” to pay invoices.

Is it possible to get that data (i.e. “6 days late on average”) via the Freeagent API? Ideally as input using the customer’s email address.

Unfortunately I could not find this on the documentation.

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Hi Andrea,

Ewa here from the Engineering Team at FreeAgent — thanks for your message on our forum. I’m afraid the calculation of average timeliness of payments for contacts isn’t directly available through the API. It’s something that the FreeAgent app determines based on the attributes of invoices associated with a contact — you might be able to replicate this logic by retrieving paid invoices (using the view=paid filter) from the API, and then using your app to calculate the average difference between due_on and paid_on timestamps for invoices paid within the past year by a specific contact.

I’ve also logged this as a feature request on our public Trello board — if there was enough demand, we could potentially look into surfacing this information for individual contacts, although it’s unlikely we could add it to the list contacts endpoint as due to the complexity of the calculation it might impact performance.

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