Customer PO search

Once an invoice has been created and sent, is it possible to search for the PO number to find the invoice?

For example I may invoice one customer 150 times a month, they may have a question regarding regarding a certain PO.
Rather than going through all the invoices to find the one with PO can I search


Thanks for reaching out to us here.

Searching by PO number is not something that we currently support I’m afraid. I can certainly see the strong use case as you’ve mentioned, and will pass this on to the product manager and engineering team that owns this area.


Stuart McEwan
Core Services:API Product Manager

This would be a great function to have! I really need it right now :frowning:

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Hi Donna,

Welcome to the API Forum :wave: I’m Steven, one of the support engineers here at FreeAgent.

Thanks for your feedback and interest in adding this functionality, we really appreciate it. I have now spoken with the relevant product manager and passed on your vote for this feature request that is in line for consideration by one of our engineering teams.

Kind Regards,