Credit Notes Not Found Using New API Endpoints


I’ve just rolled out changes to use the new credit note endpoints announced a couple of months ago. I’m getting lots of ‘not found’ responses now when I try to GET. Should I expect to be able to find Credit Notes created a few months ago using the Invoice end points or not? As it stands my code simply uses Invoice end points for positive Invoices and the Credit Notes end points for negative Invoices. Do I need to consider a date range as well?

Hi Jon,

As it stands, we’ve not made any changes just yet, apart from introducing the new Credit Notes endpoints.

We’re planning on implementing these changes in the next few weeks, as announced in February, as we’ve now passed through the depreciation period:

After a 3 month deprecation period:

  • It will not be possible to transition a Negative Invoice to sent via the API.
  • Negative Invoices will be migrated to become Credit Notes, meaning that instead of being accessible via the invoices endpoints, they will be accessible via the credit notes endpoints

As we’ve not made any changes yet, there will still be some credit notes returned via the invoices endpoint, which are due to be migrated, and will be soon be returned via the credit notes endpoints.

After the migration your code you’ve described above will work correctly, but until then some credit notes will be still be returned via the invoices endpoint instead.

It is our goal to make this work as you’ve described (“Invoice end points for positive Invoices and the Credit Notes end points for negative Invoices”), but we need to do the migration of existing negative invoices first.

I hope this is a workable solution for you, and that it won’t cause too many issues. If you’re storing or caching the data outside of FreeAgent, you’ll have to make sure both the invoice and credit note endpoints work correctly for your application and be prepared for a credit note which was previously returned via the invoices endpoint to disappear and instead be returned via the credit notes endpoint.

I hope this reply helps, but if you’re still not quite sure, or anticipate that this might cause you issues, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help.

All the best,

Any update on this? It’s not a huge bind, but I do have to check for Credit Notes status on both end points as I have no reference to which end point they are available on. Which causes me to pick up a high volume of errors in my own system…

Hi Jon,

We’ve not got an update just yet I’m afraid. We’re just nearing the end of building out some credit note reconciliation improvements, after which this will be our next priority.

We’d like to do this as soon as possible too, so hopefully you’re able to hang in there until we get it over the line.

Thanks for your patience,

Hi @Jon_Free

Sorry for the delay in this but we have now been migrated over the old negative invoices to credit notes so they will now be available on /v2/credit_notes

Sorry for the delay in this and thank you for your patience

Colin Gemmell
Software Engineer - FreeAgent

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