Credit Note - Net Off Sales Invoices - Anything Planned?

The recent announcement on Feb 4 states that ‘as part of a wider effort at FreeAgent to improve and standardise Credit Notes in the product’.

Is there any information on details of the wider effort pieces that are yet to be released?

Specifically I am interested to know if there is plans to add an automatic facility to net off sales invoice and credit note values?

The documentation provides this as a workaround:

And we are considering whether to attempt to automate this via the API, but if changes are planned in the core product we may hold back until they are delivered.

Hi Fraser,

We are indeed working on improving the experience of netting off invoices and credit notes, but I’m afraid we don’t have any more details to share beyond that at the moment.

We are looking at getting some improvements out in the summer, however this is absolutely not a guarantee, and subject to change, now more so than ever, and the decision to wait for when, or if changes get made in the core product would be up to you.

Apologies that we can’t give you anything more concrete, but I hope that the little bit of information provided here does help you.

All the best,