Credinote allocation against invoice

Need to know how to allocate credit note against invoice using API, please let me know which APi should I use for it.

Hi there,

FreeAgent doesn’t allocate credit notes against specific invoices, but against a contact’s account. To create a credit note, you need to create an invoice with negative values, e.g.


  "invoice": {  
    "contact": "",
    "dated_on": "2017-02-07",
    "payment_terms_in_days": 30,
    "invoice_items": [
        "description": "Vital Work",
        "item_type": "Hours",
        "price": "-10.0",
        "quantity": "1.0",
        "sales_tax_rate": "20.0",
        "category": ""

Full documentation for invoices (and credit notes) is available at

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