Creating transfer explanations with different dates


We currently create transfer explanations using:

bank_transaction_explanation: {
  bank_account: x,
  dated_on: x,
  gross_value: -x,
  description: x,
  transfer_bank_account: x

which works fine, creating two linked explanations in the given accounts and on the given date. However, we now want to be able to create the same but with the “receiving” explanation having a later date than the “sending” explanation. We’ve tried using the request shown under “Transferring money between bank accounts” in the docs ( but this always seems to create duplicate pairs of transfer explanations? Is there any way to just create a single transfer explanation with differing dates?


Hi Jeremy,

Generally, when using the API, you mirror the steps taken in the main desktop app. If you attempt to create a manual bank transfer in the main app, FreeAgent creates two bank account entries, one in each account. These are always created with the same dated_on attribute, as you’ve already found out.

It is possible, however, to change the dated_on of the “destination” bank account entry, by manually editing it afterwards.

You can do this easily via the API:

  1. Create a manual bank transfer between two accounts.

  2. Edit the bank account entry in the “destination” account to have a different date

I hope this helps!

Hi Tom,

Thanks for that, makes sense and we’ve now tested it by re-dating the explanations returned in “linked_transfer_explanation” and it all seems to work.