Creating new contacts overrides invoice/estimate language


We have created an integration with FreeAgent using the API and I have a
customer with an issue regarding how the Invoice/Estimate Language default
value is being set using the API compared to how it is being set when using
the normal FreeAgent interface. I’ve not been able to figure out exactly
how this works yet but as I understand it:

  1. When creating a new FreeAgent account you can select the default
    language used for invoices and estimates - choosing an option other then
  2. When creating a new contact in FreeAgent the language option on the
    contact is being defaulted on the contact based on the option the customer
  3. However when a new contact is created via the API the language option is
    selected as English - we don’t provide a language option when creating
    the contact via the API (also I don’t think it’s even an option) so I would
    have expected the default option would have been used.


Hi Philip,

I’ve raised a bug report against this, as I can see exactly what’s
happening: it’s the UI that’s actually providing the defaults here, not the
underlying application.

Thanks for pointing this out!