Creating Bank Transfers

In the web app I am able to create a transfer from one of my bank accounts to another.

I was anticipating being able to do in the api this via a post to /bank_transactions but that endpoint seems read-only. Is there another way to achieve this?


Hi there,

What you need to do is create a bank transaction explanation, and the underlying bank transactions will be created automatically if necessary.

So to create a transfer of £100 from account 1 to account 2 you’d post this


  "bank_transaction_explanation": {
    "bank_account": "",
    "dated_on": "2017-02-09",
    "gross_value": "-100.00",
    "transfer_bank_account": ""

That changes slightly if you’re explaining existing transactions, but from the nature of your question I’m guessing that’s not the case.

Hope that helps,

That seems like what we’d need. Thanks