Create/Update for Payroll API

There seems to be quite a lot of talk about Payroll, but not a lot of activity. Are there significant plans to allow writes to the payroll API?

I’d love to be able to update payslips via an API endpoint for instance based on commission due so that the calculations we already do automatically can just land in FA.

Hey @simmerz,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your idea, I appreciate your interest in making our product even better. Could you tell me more about why introducing this would be important to you; what benefits would you see from having this built?

We’re not looking to build around Payroll API writing at this stage, but I’d be keen to know more about your suggestion so that we can be as accurate as possible when prioritising for future work.


So we have a number of clients who pay their staff commission. We build systems that often do the calculations for the client who then exports a CSV or somesuch and imports into their payroll manually.

It would be great if we could build a payslip and apply a commission value either on a date or as the month progresses so that when payroll is run, there is nothing to do but submit the RTI.