Create Manual Bank Entry

Is it possible to create a single manual bank entry via the API ?

I need to add money to a credit card clearing account as transactions get paid, then when the “actual” money arrives in my main account from my provider, record that as a transfer from clearing->current.

But job #1 is to create the manual transaction each time the cards are successfully charged.

Solved. For anyone finding this - just explaining a non existent transaction creates a new one. I used this payload, worked fine:

        $payload = array("bank_transaction_explanation" =>
        array("gross_value" => 1000000,
            "bank_account" => "" ,
            "dated_on" => '2022-02-2', 'is_manual' => true,
            "description" => "Finally",
            "type" => "Sales",
            "paid_invoice" => "",