Create Invoices with or without VAT

Hi - I am trying to load in 125 invoices… 119 of them are 20% VAT…6 of them 0% VAT (Customer in Norway).
For most contacts I set The Sales_tax to Always and for the 2 Norway contacts I set it to Never.
All invoices have one line item and I set the Sales_Tax_Rate to 0 or 20 as required in the item part… I have taken out all refs to net, total and tax in the main part of the JSON. Many of the invoices load as expected… but randomly 20 or 30 get loaded with NO VAT showing on the invoice… and I cant even see a way of setting this manually if I were to give up using the api

Please help


{ “invoice”:
“invoice_items”: [{ “description”: “ADMIN”, “item_type”: “”, “price”: “4160”, “quantity”: “1.0”, “sales_tax_rate”: “20”}]


tried… setting involves_sales_tax to true on all records… but many are loaded as false… any ideas as to why this would get changed ?.. I set all contacts to ALWAYS charge VAT

Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting, and welcome to our forum! My name is Ewa and I’m one of the engineers here at FreeAgent – I’ll do my best to help.

I’ve checked our application logs and it looks like the request you sent to create the invoice with reference 2020/069 did add sales tax of 20% to the invoice item, which I believe was the expected result. However, I see some other requests that specified the sales_tax_rate outside of the invoice_items array, which unfortunately wouldn’t work as sales tax needs to be specified for each invoice item separately. The involves_sales_tax attribute is in fact read-only (I realise this could be made clearer in our documentation!) so also wouldn’t have an effect on the created invoice.
We have an example payload for creating an invoice with 20% sales tax in our documentation here – as long as your requests follow the format with sales_tax_rate specified for individual invoice items, and the dated_on falls within your VAT-registered period, I believe the sales tax should be set correctly.

I hope this helps, but if you encounter any further issues, do feel free to let me know, including the details of the request body or a sample id of an invoice created via the API that didn’t behave as you expected.

Best wishes,


I had the issue and dtill can’t load can any one suggest what happening?