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Hi Fari,

There’s a few changes to your JSON needed:

  • For invoices presently only one can be created at a time, so remove
    the array surrounding the hash
  • dated_on needs to be a date and not a time, so remove the time stamp
  • You have status twice (although this doesn’t cause a problem).
    Invoices can only be created as “Draft” and then have to be marked as sent
  • You can’t set net_value etc. Instead, create a nested array of
    invoice items with price and quantity and the API will fill out net_value,
    etc for you. Invoices are created in the same way as in the main app.

For example, using Curl:

-H “Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXX”
-H “Accept: application/xml”
-H “Content-Type: application/json”
-d ‘{
“invoice”: {
“contact”: “”,
“status”: “Draft”,
“dated_on”: “2012-08-16”,
“currency”: “GBP”,
“exchange_rate”: “1.0”,
“comments”: “Added by api”,
“omit_header”: false,
“payment_terms_in_days”: 30,
“invoice_items”: [
“description”: “Test InvoiceItem”,
“item_type”: “Hours”,
“price”: “112.0”,
“quantity”: “1.0”

Kind regards,

GraemeOn 24 July 2012 15:34, Fari wrote:


I want to create an invoice for an existing contact, but I can’t. I can
create a project for that contact.

$post_cars = ‘{“invoice”:[{“contact”:"",“status”:“Draft”,“dated_on”:"2012-08-16
by api”,“omit_header”:false,“payment_terms_in_days”:30}]}’;

I’ve also tried “/v2/contacts/385”, but no success.

Any help, please?

Thank you,

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