Create contact as a supplier or vendor

Hi @Ewa_Lipinska,

I want to create a contact as a supplier using

Is there any parameter which is specially required to create a contact as a supplier

Please help me regarding the same.

Nishit Soni

Hi @nishitcaax,

There’s no need to pass any extra parameters, the contact will automatically be considered a supplier once you’ve recorded a Bill for that person; see this article on our Knowledge Base:

Set up a contact as a customer or a supplier

I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much @Ewa_Lipinska for a quick response.

Could I both invoice a client and bill him at different cases? For example I will invoice a merchant twice a month for the service and once a month bill him for the commission he earned referring to the marketplace?

Hi @Avi_A,

Yes, you can both invoice and bill the same contact in these circumstances.

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