Create bill with pdf attachment


I need to create a bill with a pdf attachment using the API.

Everything works as expected except when I add the attachment attribute (object). Leaving the attachment attribute out creates the bill but then I need to manually add the attachment through the Freeagent web GUI.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Request and response from Google OAuth 2.0 Playground here:

Hi Mario,

As per the documentation for the bills endpoint (, the PDF data needs to be base64 encoded and included in the request, along with the file name and content type.

Explanation attachment (max 5MB), in the following format:

data (binary data of the file being attached encoded as base64)
content_type can be one of the following:
image/png, image/x-png, image/jpeg, image/jpg, image/gif, application/x-pdf

Hope that helps,