CLARIFY: "manual_sales_tax_amount" in new BILL endpoint

Is “manual_sales_tax_amount” supported in the new BILL endpoint for bill_items?

Reason being… ‘manual_sales_tax_amount’ is included in the deprecated Bill endpoint (both code & documentation), AND is still working in the new Bill endpoint sandbox (and live), and is still supported in the Interactive GUI.

But, Invoices do not support manual sales tax amount (never did). So, I’m wondering if manual_sales_tax_amount functionality will be removed from Bill creation (both via GUI and API), when multi-line Bills rolls out!?

Should we support manual_sales_tax_amount now (in integrated apps), or not?


Hi Fabio,

This was an error in our docs and manual_sales_tax_amount will continue to be supported in the new bills API.

The API will only support setting it within the bill item rather than the bill as previously, so add it to the hash within the bill_items array:

  "bill": {
    "bill_items": [
        "total_value": "50.60",
        "manual_sales_tax_amount": "15.12",

We’ve updated the documentation to include manual_sales_tax_amount under the supported bill item attributes.

Thanks for checking and letting us know.

Kind regards,