CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) support

have integrated our CRM product with Freeagent Account package and
right now our clients use Freeagent package for Account purposes.We
want to check with you if Freeagent package supports CIS (Construction
Industry Scheme) tax structure as we could not find any reference or
documentation related to this being supported. If yes, can you confirm
if this feature is available from the api end points provided by you.Right
now we have to fail all the customer invoices or supplier invoice that
our clients are sending to Freeagent package as we are not sure about
this facility. It would be really good to have this feature if it’s not
already being supported.

Hi vikaskhairnar,

We’ve just updated the documentation and API to support CIS! There is now a CIS bands endpoint where you can check what bands are available for the company.

To make a CIS invoice, specify a band name for cis_rate attribute of the invoice, for example cis_standard.

To make a CIS invoice item, simply pass in the relevant category for the band. For example if the band has nominal_code 062, the item’s category should be

There are also new attributes related to how much CIS is being taken or has been paid off, see the Invoices page for more details (search for attributes starting with cis).