Changing supported SSL/TLS ciphers - fails for us

I’ve just emailed as advised by your cipher change post, but they told me not to email them and to post my problem here, so here goes.

Having read the latest forum post on ‘Changing our supported SSL/TLS ciphers’ we ran a test of our application against your sandbox expecting it to be ok, but it failed, reporting an issue with the ciphers used.

Could you confirm if we were one of the users you’d identified and if so whom the notification went to, as we don’t believe we received any information on this?

Do you have a recommendation or any more information as to what we need to do to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ben,

Sorry about that. I’ve escalated your ticket internally now and we’ll be in contact through that about who we contacted (if we indeed did) and the problem itself.