Changing category of bills in locked period


i have had an ongoing problem for the last 5 or so years, in fact since API V2.0 was first released. I queried it then, but it still remains unfixed.

Essentially i want to change the spending category of bills, including those which have had the VAT posted. Through the API i am unable to make this update, but logging into the web interface i can.

The reason i want to do this, is because i have a page which shows me all the invoices input by my book keeper and then i can correct the catergories in bulk.

Is any one able to correct this and make it allow the change like the web interface does.

I’ve been a customer and advocate of freeagent since 2011, and resisted the pressure to change to the alternative (begining with X), but its very frustrating this still isnt working.



Hi, Stuart.

Have you added a feature request to our public Trello board?

We keep an eye on that and use it to help with prioritization. We are in the process of expanding our engineering team and hope to be able to get to more of these types of requests in the future.

Pat George, FreeAgent