Cashflow Showing Blank

I’ve been trying to query the cashflow API to build some projections and I’m consistently getting “0”. Within the web application I can see cashflow as expected and I have confirmed that /company returns the correct company.

For example, the following query returns the below JSON

{‘cashflow’: {‘from’: ‘2023-08-20’, ‘to’: ‘2023-09-19’, ‘incoming’: {‘months’: [{‘month’: 8, ‘year’: 2023, ‘total’: 0}, {‘month’: 9, ‘year’: 2023, ‘total’: 0}], ‘total’: 0}, ‘outgoing’: {‘months’: [{‘month’: 8, ‘year’: 2023, ‘total’: 0}, {‘month’: 9, ‘year’: 2023, ‘total’: 0}], ‘total’: 0}, ‘balance’: 0}}

any suggestions on why this might be?

Hi cdswilliam,

Our Cashflow API only returns historical cashflow and, therefore, when you provide dates that are in the future, total will always be returned as 0. We don’t currently support future cashflow projections as part of our API but you can find these projections by going to BankingCashflow in the FreeAgent web application.

Our API documentation didn’t mention this, so we’ve updated it to make it clearer.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to add this to our backlog of possible future improvements to the API?

I hope this helps!

– Brad