Can't receive all users via API endpoint

Hi FreeAgent,

We have a customer experiencing issues when trying to publish their journals. I’ve managed to narrow down the issue to the creation of a user for the individual journal lines. In this business situation, It seems that not all users are received when we hit the endpoint. Then when I go to create these users, it errors as the employees’ email already exists on FreeAgent. Could it be related to the employee users/access why they are not returned from the /users endpoint even though the default search filter should return all users available?

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Hi there, I’m George, one of the engineers on the Workflow team.

I think you may have missed that we paginate the response on the users endpoint, see Could you try the pagination parameters, and let us know if that works?

If it doesn’t work, could you give us your subdomain? It’s the first part of your FreeAgent URL, e.g. (you can send this in a private message if you prefer) so we can investigate further.