Can we extract a list of transactions from a single accounts category?

The process of getting VAT MOSS data out is a pain (FreeAgent, you need a VAT MOSS return generator), but can the API list all transactions between two dates in the “824 VAT Minim One Stop Shop” category? I can’t see a way to do this with the API, other than looping through all transactions, checking their country, and so on.

Hi @DaveChild ,

Unfortunately you’re right: there is currently no easy way to list all the transactions between two dates for a category via the API. In the web app, you can visit the “Show Transactions” page, and filter by category. However, we don’t currently offer an API analog of this report.

That might be a good starting point though. You could export the Show Transactions view as a CSV, which would give you a smaller list of transactions to start the rest of the API work. From there, you could fetch the relevant numbers, place of supply and so on.

I hope that’s of some help.

Best regards,