Call remote function on data additon

Is there any way to call a remote function whenever new data is added to freeagent? for example, if I add a new task, it calls a function on another server that copies that task to a different location. Zapier is heavily limited, already tried that

Hi Mike,

It sounds like you are describing web hooks. FreeAgent doesn’t provide web hooks (yet?) but there is a Trello card to track progress on the idea.

In the meantime a workaround would be to poll the API.

Andrew Stewart

Hi Mike and Andrew,

As always, @Andrew_Stewart’s advice is correct; we don’t currently have support for calling remote functions (webhooks), though many integrations poll our API on a schedule to check for creation of new resources (e.g. Timeslips).

We recently added updated_since filters to our most popular endpoints, including /timeslips, making it easier to query all timeslips created/updated since an arbitrary point in time (e.g. when your integration last checked for updates).

@Andrew_Stewart, thanks so much for your participation in our forum - your input hasn’t gone unnoticed and I really appreciate your feeding back into the community :thumbsup:

Dave J