Business User trying to obtain API Token for reporting

Hi, I am really struggling to understand the API Tokens and how to obtain them for my production environment. Do I need Admin access to my environment before I proceed or can I use APIs as long as I have a basic username and password.

Can someone provide me with the list of REST API commands (GET, POST…etc) that I would need to run against my company freeagent to

  1. Authenticate and obtain a token
  2. Get that token to use it for authentication into the system

Much appreciated if someone can share the steps by steps to be taken and I can test it out in Postman first! Thank you


Have you seen our quick start guide about setting up OAuth authentication against our sandbox environment?

With respect to the required user permissions, the FreeAgent API respects the permission level of the user accessing the API to ensure that only the appropriate data is visible e.g. the banking endpoints are only accessible to users with at least level 6 banking permissions.