Bulk Add Transactions to a Project / Bulk Edit VAT Dropdown

It would be great if we could bulk-add transactions in a bank feed to a project; currently, a user has to click ‘more options’ on each transaction individually, which opens a new webpage where the user is presented with the ‘Link to project’ dropdown.

This is a very time consuming process when categorising / sorting through all of the transactions from a trip. For example, I have returned from a project this week and it has taken around 2 hours for me to process all of the associated transactions, by manually opening every transaction’s ‘more options’ page to link it to the relevant project, along with amending VAT options and attaching receipts. (the project was in Europe, so every transaction had to be manually changed to ‘VAT out of scope’ along with selecting the project one-by-one.

The main bank feed page already has check-boxes on the left hand-side; it would be a huge time-saver if it was possible to simply select these tick-boxes and then choose ‘link to project’ on the main bank-feed page, to bulk-add them to the project in question.

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Thank you very much for your post. It seems that the feature you are requesting above is related to the FreeAgent application itself, whereas this forum is intended for questions regarding the FreeAgent API and developing third party applications to use the API.

The best way to raise feature requests relating to the FreeAgent application is to email our lovely Support team at support@freeagent.com. They will then be able to raise this feature request with the relevant team.

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