BUG? Creating Invoices with different line item projects are ignored in API

If we POST an Invoice, using the (relatively new) “project” attribute for each line item, it seems as though the API ignores that and creates the Invoice using just the first project name.

But, if we create an Invoice in the FA GUI, with different projects per line item, then the API correctly returns the project information per line item to the linked app.

Behaviour verified independently with the OAuth 2.0 Playground.

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Hi @captgiro,

I’ve checked with the team and it looks like the create and update actions on our /invoices endpoint indeed don’t support setting different projects for invoice items via the API. The way things are now, you can only set the project attribute for the invoice itself, and all invoice items will inherit it from the parent object. I’ve now logged allow the creation of multi-project invoices as an improvement request on our public Trello board, as I can see how it might be useful for API integrations (other than just having read-only access to the project on invoice items).

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