Bills Endpoint Update Required by 31st October

:wave: Hi everyone,

This is an important message that all API users should read.

As you may have seen in our previous thread, we’re deprecating our Bills API endpoints. It seems that we still have some users on our old endpoints, so this is the last call to switch over.

We will be turning the endpoints off on October 31st. After this, any old integrations will stop working as the change is not backwards compatible, so if you’ve not had a chance to switch over yet, please prioritise this as soon as possible.

For full details of the change, you can find them in our post here.

After October 31st:

  • The old endpoints will no longer work.

  • We will still only accept a single line item at this time.

  • Once the old endpoints have been removed, we’ll post to the forum to let you all know and existing integrators can stop sending the FreeAgent-Feature header and we will only accept the new schema.

What’s next on the engineering side

  • Behind the scenes, we have some engineering work to complete once all our users have switched to our new endpoints to build the multiple line items onto Bills.

Multi-item Bill Feature Release (Q1 2022)

  • Restrictions on number of line items will be removed, enabling creation of bills with multiple line items. When this happens, we’ll post to the API forum to let everyone know and there’ll be a pre-release note to let you all know when it is available on our Sandbox environment for testing.

As ever, if you have any questions or need any support, please do let us know.

All the best,

Hello everyone :wave:

Just to give you all an update on our Bills API migration: this morning we have switched off the old version of the Bills API schema, with the new schema containing bill_items as the default. If you’re seeing any errors, please see our previous posts for how to switch over or let us know if you think you’ve spotted anything that doesn’t look quite right.

For all of our integrators who have already switched, thank you! You’ll no longer be required to set the FreeAgent-Feature: bill_items with your API requests as this is now our default response.

As ever, if you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

All the best,