Bills - adding multiple categories / cost lines

I’m trying to add new bills from my sub-contractors who send in their invoice (bill) with both contractor time and expenses on.

How can I add more than one line per invoice. E.g hotel costs, mileage, machinery hire?

As there is only one invoice (bill) with several lines of costs - I am struggling to account properly for costs and cost of sales.


Hi @ITS , Anna from FreeAgent here.
I’m afraid that multi-category functionality on bills is not yet possible with FreeAgent. Instead, you will need to create an individual bill for each line item that has a different category.

However, adding multi-category bills is on our roadmap and we plan to introduce this functionality later this year. We will let you know when this is available!

All the best,

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Thanks Anna, I really look forward to the change, to speed up our accounting!

Much appreciated.

Is there any update on when we will be able to add multiple line items to bills? I read in another thread it had slipped to Q1 2022, is that still on schedule?