Bespoke enhancements for accountants

Hi Andy,

I’m glad to hear you’re considering FreeAgent. To answer your questions:

It would be possible to estimate whether the user would be better off on
the Flat Rate Scheme using the API. FreeAgent doesn’t expose the VAT
Return directly as an API resource but it does expose the Invoices,
Expenses and Bills etc. For each of these VAT affecting items, the gross
value and VAT paid/reclaimed can be retrieved and a calculation made as to
whether the user is better off with the flat rate scheme. It’s not
possible at the moment to create dashboard alerts via the API.

FreeAgent has a simple “Are you better off on FRS” calculator at:

For your second question, the trail balance summary (totals for each
nominal code) is exposed via the API. If the reports you would like to
create can be produced from this data then it would be possible to create
the report as CSV or PDF. The API doesn’t produce CSV or PDF directly
(it’s native formats are XML and JSON) so software created to build the
report would have to produce the CSV or PDF.

Kind regards,

GraemeOn 2 May 2013 16:19, Andy Maitland < wrote:

We are a small firm of accountants who are currently trialling a number of
on-line accounting solutions. ******

We speak “accountancy” you speak “IT”? so some of the terminology referred
to below maybe confusing!!****

We have a number of issues with FreeAgent (FA) and have been pointed in
your direction as to a possible source to resolve these (by API’s?).****

  1.   VAT Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) – ****

a. FA currently reports only the “surplus” achieved on sales****

b. We wish to report on the input VAT (purchase tax) foregone – this
information is available under standard VAT accounting but not FR****

c. The input VAT should be split from each purchase transaction and
allocated to a separate Profit & Loss Account expense heading
(non-recoverable input VAT code)****

d. Detailed VAT return reports also need to reflect the detailed
information in a. and c. above and compare the VAT position between
Standard and FRS VAT accounting so that we can advise our clients whether
or not it’s appropriate to join, continue with or withdraw from the FRS***

e. The true saving (surplus VAT on sales less input VAT foregone)
also needs to be monitored historically ideally via an alert on the

  1.   Limited Management Reporting****

There seem to be a relatively small number of financial reports available
within FA and also where there are reports it does not appear possible in
all instances to export these to CSV/PDF etc.****

Are there any ways to enhance this?****

There are some other less important issues perhaps for later discussion.

Look forward to any responses.

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