Bank Transactionsshowing Nominal Codes

Hi Darren,

You can get the nominal code of each bank transaction explanation via
the API. The nominal code is part of the “Category” of the bank
transaction explanation. The following example has a category/nominal
code of 366

Information on categories and so the list of possible nominal codes
for your company is here:

Kind regards,

GraemeOn 5 October 2012 11:16, Darren wrote:

We’re using your API to connect to our data and I’d like to be able to
analyse our costs better and see them in the context of a trial balance.
I’ve looked at the bank transactions, but the table doesn’t give the nominal
code that’s been assigned to each transaction nor does it give the more
friendly description that’s been given to them - only the text from the
uploaded bank statement which can be a bit meaningless.

So, in trying to recreate a trial balance, is there a better table to use?
If not, could this functionality be considered for a future release of the


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