Bank Transactions and login flow (for mobile)

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(I’ll try here…)

I was kind of expecting the /bank_transactions endpoint to return
transactons from today, going back in time, but it returns them from
the beginning of time forward. Is there a way to get the last N
transactions (ie, from today, go back 30 transactions)?

I’m using a date range at the moment, but I dont want it going more
than 30 days into the past (too much data, potentially), and not
everyone uploads their statements weekly… or even monthly!

Also, just wondering whats happening about branding for the api login
page - esp My Accountant Friend, MBW and IRIS. MBW should be ok, but
the other 2 have very specific branding which they are bit touchy
about keeping.

Same goes for passing something which allows for removal of the link
on the FreeAgent logo and the T+C/terms links, as Apple is likely to
reject apps with those links, as they eventually go to a sign up page.
Dropbox did this with a url parameter (dca=1) which removed the links

  • can you do something similar?



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