Bank transaction explanations

We are getting

“429 - Too Many Requests returned from call to [POST] bank_transaction_explanations”

Somewhat inconsistently throughout the day for the last few days (maybe just 10% of the calls we make to this one).

Has there been a change to this recently, or is anyone else experiencing the same issues? We aren’t making any more calls per minute/day than we ever have done.

Hi there,

It sounds like you might occasionally be hitting up against our API rate limits.

You can generally avoid hitting these limits by either spreading your requests over a longer period of time or by optimising your integration to reduce the number of calls it makes, for example changing the per_page parameter to 100 (rather than the default 25) (see pagination documentation).

I hope this helps!

Thanks David, I’ll take a look at the pagination information, but I doubt we are hitting those limits (I wish we were), as we are posting about 150 transactions a day to freeagent. Even at peak traffic the most we ever post in a minute is 2 transactions and max is about 60 in an hour.

Also there is nothing different about the last 2 days for us (when we have been getting this) in terms of volume than each day in the last year.

Interesting, I can take a look in our logs to try and ascertain what might be causing the 429 - Too Many Requests error. To help locate your requests, could you provide some additional information, please?

The name of your app (as registered in Dev Dashboard)
A sanitised version of a recent failed API request
Timestamps of your requests (in UTC)
The IP(s) from which your requests are being sent
Which environment are you querying? (production or sandbox)?

Dave J

Thank you Dave, I’ve sent these details into the support email address FAO yourself, ticket number #479159