Bank account without created_at field

Hello Freeagent team,

I’d like to know what are the cases when a bank account can have no “created_at” field? Is it expected?

Ilya Simonenko

Without digging in to verify, I’d say there shouldn’t be any cases when it wouldn’t have a created_at field set.

If you have specific instances, we can look into it more.

Pat George

Hi Pat,

How can I contact you directly to provide the details?

You can contact our support department, give them the details and tell them to pass them on to me.

Pat George

Thanks for sending the info over. We’re looking into it but a majority of our staff is off for the holidays. We’ll update here when we have more.

Pat George

Hi, Ilya.

We’ve looked into this more. We didn’t start adding the created_at/updated_at timestamps until 2009. This company looks to have been added before then so it stands to reason the bank account in question was added before then and we didn’t backfill timestamps.

So we do have a small percentage of bank accounts that don’t have created_at timestamps filled. But any new ones should always have it.

I hope that helps.

Yeah, this helps.

Thank you very much!