Bank account transaction update and destroy actions

The bank account transactions API currently doesn’t allow updating or deleting of an individual transaction. I would like to update FreeAgent accounts in real-time when a bank account is updated with Teller. Sometimes banks, edit transaction details, arbitrarily reorder them, etc. Without being able to replace transactions in FreeAgent this would likely result in duplicate transactions being imported. You’d think a bank account would be a prime candidate for an append only ledger, apparently most of the banks in the UK don’t share the same view!

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your message. Agreed, allowing deletion of bank transactions via API will definitely solve your issue. Do you mind adding a vote to the card on our API Trello board

I can’t promise on the exact timeline, but we’ll try and prioritise it in the coming weeks. We will also update this thread once the API has been updated.

Kind Regards,

Anup Narkhede