Bank account explanations for invoices no longer working


We use the API to create bank account transaction explanations for invoices in Freeagent. It’s been working for years, but as of the 13th November, it just stopped working for us. Can anyone shed any light on this, I can’t find any mention anywhwere of changes to the API…

I can recreate this in the sandbox quite easily - here’s an explantion I’m trying to send:


So I’m setting the bank account, and the invoice number, to state that’s it’s a new explanation for an existing invoice.

The response is a 400 bad request:

{“errors”:{“error”:{“message”:“unknown attribute ‘paid_user’ for BankAccountEntry.”}}}

So - I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean…

Hi Matt,

Thanks for pointing this out - we’ll get this fixed shortly.

In the meantime if you remove "paid_user": null from your request it should work ok.


Thanks for the prompt response Donal - I’ve been waiting for a support ticket response since Friday - but you’re on the ball! Removing “paid_user” is a bit tricky since the API wrapper I’m using doesn’t allow me to do that, do you have any idea re: timescale for when this will be fixed?


Hi Matt,

Dave here at FreeAgent Support, I spotted your most recent reply to Donal and your Tweet to our social media team. I wanted to follow up and ensure your support ticket hadn’t fallen through the cracks, as we really pride ourselves in high quality support.

Reading your support thread, I can see that my colleague Mandy kindly requested you to post on this forum on Friday, as it’s monitored by our API Engineers and puts you directly in touch with our maintainers and users, rather than our product support team.
My colleague Tom picked up your support request and was addressing the issue internally, though your posting here flagged this issue with Donal who was closer to the breaking change.

So that we can best route the right questions to the right staff, I’d be really grateful if you could post API queries to this dedicated forum. Tickets to our support desk ultimately end up with the right team(s), but posting here gives you a direct link to our Engineers.

Thanks for your patience whilst we worked to resolve this, Matt.

Kind regards,
Dave J

Hi David,

No worries. I must admit I was reluctant to post to the forum, becuase I felt it was a specific support issue that needed looking at, but in hind sight maybe diving straight into the forum would have been wiser.

Is there any chance you or anyone else can update me on when the fix for this is likely to be released - are we talking days or weeks?



Hi Matt,

We should be able to get this fixed up within the next few days. We’ll be sure to let you know on this thread when a fix is released.


Hi Matt,

The fix for this is out now, sorry for the trouble this has caused you.


Great! Thanks for the fast turnaround getting this live