Bank Account API endpoint does not filter inactive bank accounts

bank_accounts endpoint returns all bank accounts including inactive (hidden) once. And status column which holds active or hidden is not defined(mapped) with api results.

Is there way to determine whether retrieved bank account is active or hidden?

Hi @raviskwile,

Thanks for your question! You’re correct in that we don’t currently expose this information anywhere in the API. This seems like an oversight; we’ll get this updated soon and let you know when you are able to see this information.

Best regards,

Thanks James. I really appreciate your understanding and response.

Hi @raviskwile,

When querying bank accounts, you should now see a “status” field that will indicate whether or not the bank account is active or hidden. The documentation has been updated as well.

Thanks for pointing this out, and I hope this will help.


Thank you, now I can see status field exposed.

Much appreciated.