Authentication unable to approve


Since 3 days now i am stucked on Appove Login Page when testing OAuth authentication.

Im an registred on and created an App

I have created my sandbox
on and
I updated the CLient ID and Scret infos

But when clicking on Authorize APIs after selecting the scope, I reached a web page to cofirm my email what i did, but i never received that can allow me to confirm

Please could you help me in that matter.


Hi there. The authorization is delivered via the FreeAgent app. We currently don’t use scopes, so you can put whatever you want in that scope textbox. That text doesn’t matter to FreeAgent, we just ignore it (I think the Google Playground requires it, though).

Generally, the authorisation workflow is as follows.

–> The Authorisation workflow.

This is when a user of FreeAgent authorises your app to be allowed access to FreeAgent data they hold. When clicked, this shows up as an authorisation popup you might have been describing. This is for the FreeAgent user (not the developer). This allows the FreeAgent user to authorise your app to allow access to the their data in FreeAgent . If the user approves, you will get an authorisation token. You may have missed this step in the process in the Quick Start Guide:

"The Playground will redirect you to the Sandbox where you will have to log in to the FreeAgent Sandbox account you created earlier. After log in you can approve the Playground app."

You can create a test account inside of the FreeAgent sandbox here:

So, in brief. You need an app to access FreeAgent data from the API (which you’ve done) and you need a FreeAgent Sandbox test user. This test user is just like a real user and will approve your app against their FreeAgent account. When you’re ready to use your app against “real” users, you can then delete the sandbox user.

Hope this help! Just post here if it doesn’t and we can troubleshoot the problem a little more.