Authenticate application - not user


I’m developing a platform which is going to take payment from customers and I want to be able to automate the generation of invoices in FreeAgent to send them.
However, the only authentication option I can see in the documentation is OAuth - this isn’t suitable to the scenario I’m working in as I want to authorize the platform that I am creating rather than the user.
Are there other authentication options available and if not, can I place a feature request for this please?

Thank you.

Your app needs to have a connection to FreeAgent so you will have to authorize it “once” via an admin account and then your app can keep connecting via the refresh token and just keep refreshing the token.

But a Admin User has to authenticate the app once to generate teh Oauth Flow.

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Jamie from FreeAgent here. I can see how having other authentication options available would be very useful. I have logged your feature request which should get triaged by the appropriate team for consideration.

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Hi Ricardo and Jamie,

Apologies for my delayed reply.

Thanks for your suggestion Ricardo, in my case I will be able to integrate a manual authorization flow as a workaround given the application I am building is browser based with a UI, but this is not suitable in all situations and I’m not wonderfully keen on having to manually store and refresh the token periodically.

Jamie thanks for that, perhaps if I get to build version 2 of my app it might be in the pipework by then :wink:

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