Attachement Improvement

There’s two points that are really frustrating with FA. I can’t easily append more than one attachement to a transaction, nor can I add an attachment in a locked accounting period where none exists. I don’t see why this would be a restricted action. Yes, I can understand you wouldn’t want to delete a locked transaction attachment.

secondly, when previewing the attachments, the resolution is too low. I nearly always need to download the file, and then delete off computer when done. And the only way to fill out meta is usually through name edit. If it can’t OCR as a receipt, manual meta is a real PIA.

Hi Nick, my name’s Chris; I’m one of the engineers here at FreeAgent. Thanks for letting us know some ways we could make FreeAgent better for you!

  • Having multiple attachments on a single transaction is a feature we’re already considering. It’s not definitely scheduled in yet, but I can make sure you’re recorded as someone it would benefit.
  • While we think it would indeed be legitimate to add an attachment to a locked transaction, there are possible wider implications (for instance, suppose you accidentally uploaded the wrong file; as you say, we shouldn’t then let you delete the attachment inside the locked period). We’d need to consider it carefully, but I have logged it as a feature request.
  • Larger thumbnails are also already under consideration! We’re aware that it would be very helpful to read information off a standard A4-ish image. Again, I’ll log your voice that this is a feature you’d like to see.

Chris Howlett