Attach multiple contacts to a project

Hi, it’d be really useful to be able to have a project be an umbrella for multiple contacts, clients and suppliers. Instead of one project, one contact. At the moment I have projects where I’m selecting myself as the contact, and then overriding the name on the invoice with the customer name. This does the trick, but means I can’t track all invoices, goods or totals sent to my customers. Thanks.

Hello :wave:t3:

I see that this if your first time posting on the forum, thanks for taking the time to raise this.

You’re right in that we don’t support this model of projects, that is, using them as a grouping under which to keep many contacts and all the items associated with them. This forum is for the API, but as it’s not something that we support in the main app either, I will pass this on to the product manager and engineering team that owns this area.

Thanks once again for taking the time to let us know how FreeAgent could be improved to help you.


Stu McEwan
API Product Manager

Okay, sure. Thanks very much, Stu.

Hi Stu,

Can I also request an additional feature for contacts. We sometime have to bill our clients through a billing partner. The issue is our employees know the client they are working and so for timeslips we need to show them the end client, but for billing we need to bill to a different client.

Will it be possible to add a feature where we can link a billing contact to the end client contact record?

Probably another one for the product manager.



Thanks for reaching out to us here again, it’s always great to hear about ways that FreeAgent could be improved to help our users :grinning:

I see that you’ve left a few feature requests around separate posts; as this forum is purely for API queries and discussion could I ask you to send in your non-API specific requests to and our Support team will be happy to respond to them. Feel free to collate them onto a single email, and provide as much context as possible.

Thanks in advance,

Stuart McEwan
API Product Manager