Assign Invoice to Project with multiple Contacts to collate/report on invoices/expenses, etc


We’re looking to create invoices through the API and require the ability to assign these to a project and a contact, however the contact would be different for each invoice. This would allow us to collate invoices to a project for reporting, good housekeeping and management purposes.

It appears FreeAgent only supports one contact per project, this really restricts the use of Projects for reporting/admin purposes.

We have a similar use case to this request made 7 years ago (where conference management is mentioned):

Are there any plans yet to support this?

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We desperately need this.

We offer 2 different types of service and I’d love to know what the income and expenses are relating to each type. It would be amazing to get a report for them, independently to the other.

Why can’t I setup a project and then mark certain invoices/expenses as being part of that project? I only can’t because it’s one project per contact.

This would really save us an awful lot of admin time and I’ve no idea why a project would be limited to one contact. Let me link any invoice to a project and it would work.

Just see this when searching as moved to Freeagent. For me this is going to prevent me using it and go back to Quickbooks as sadly I have multiple projects in the business and need to be able to track their profitability and each project stream has multiple clients

Exactly, it’s such an obvious requirement. I really hope this request can get some traction with Free Agent.

Hello DDigital and Macde,

I see that this if the first time posting on the forum for both of you, thanks for taking the time to let us know how FreeAgent could be improved to help you.

I’m afraid that you can only link one contact against a single project on FreeAgent as it was designed for large pieces of work that you undertake for one particular customer and not multiple customers. There are however a couple of workarounds that might suit:

  1. Create a separate project for each contact, with a similar name. While each individual project wouldn’t have a fully accurate P&L report, you could export each project P&L in CSV format, and then combine them to get a full set of P&L figures.

  2. You could to create separate income categories for each income stream, and admin expense / cost of sales categories for outgoings. Explaining the relevant sales and purchases against the specific categories for each one (e.g ‘Sales Service 1’ and ‘Sales Service 2’) will keep these amounts separated within the accounting reports.

This forum is for the API, but as it’s not something that we support in the main app either, I will pass this on to the product manager and engineering team that owns this area.

I hope this clarifies FreeAgent’s functionality, but let me know if you need anything else.


Stu McEwan
API Product Manager