Are webooks on the API feature roadmap?


I was wondering whether the above is on FreeAgent’s development roadmap?
Webhooks, if implemented with retries, would give customers a powerful way
to more reliably integrate with their own services, when events occur. So
many on-line services have added webhooks to their APIs for this very

Here’s an intro for those on this list who’ve never heard of webhooks:


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Hi Freeagent,
As this post is over 1 year old I wanted to know if there are any plans for webs hooks?

Hi Fred (and Dale - apologies that this slipped through the net without a reply),

Webhooks are something we’ve discussed internally at FreeAgent and are something we’d like to add at some point in the future, but there are no plans for this in the short term.

Sorry I can’t give a more positive answer at this time, but with limited developer resources and competing priorities it’s hard to give some things the time we’d like to. We are hiring though, so if you’d like to come and help feel free to drop us your CV/resume :wink: -

Kind Regards,

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Surely this benefits FreeAgent more than anyone else. We batter your API polling Invoices and Bills every second of every day and this would prevent us from having to do so…

Please all feel free to contribute on this thread here.

Stu McEwan
Core Services:API Product Manager