Are the API results cached?


It looks like the API results have a delay, for example adding an explanation that marks an invoice as paid, a subsequent call to that invoice will still see it as unpaid. If you look on the website, it shows up as paid.

Thank you!


There shouldn’t be a delay between creating a bank transaction explanation and seeing the invoice paid, as far as I’m aware. The invoice should be updated to show as paid at the same time.

Does the invoice eventually show as paid? How soon after explaining the transaction are you checking the invoice, and does the application wait for the server’s response when creating the explanation?

If you can share explanation & invoice IDs plus timestamps of the requests that you experienced issues with, we may be able to have a closer look.

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Hi Dominic,

Thanks a lot for your reply - turns out the middleware I was using to connect to the API was the one caching the results :man_facepalming:

Really sorry, thank you again.


Oops, not a problem! Thanks for confirming it’s solved.