APIs Authentication issues

I am facing some issues setting up freeagent developer account and APIs using oAuth. I need the apis to send automated invoices through my MERN app. Can you suggest a way to solve the issue also if it is a good way to send invoices.

Hi Asim :wave: James from FreeAgent here.

It looks like you’re trying to authorise your integration using a standard FreeAgent account whereas the integration is setup for practice dashboards.

This would have been done during the setup of the integration and the “Enable Accountancy Practice API” option would have been selected as outlined here. This means that the integration will need to be authorised by an account manager through a practice dashboard account. This allows you to make queries to the client companies of the dashboard.

If you do not want your integration to be practice enabled you can update this from the edit app page.

I hope that helps but give me a shout if you need any further info.


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